Oh For the Love of Good Food

February is the official month of love.

It’s the time when outrageous romantic gestures are expected – and received with gusto on Valentine’s Day.

Thankfully it’s not all about the flowers and the chocs. A wonderful way to brighten February 14th is to plan and prepare a romantic meal for two.

Obviously it’s not good to labour over a complicated dinner that’ll leave you no time for small talk and Champagne. Arden’s has pulled together some recipes that are simple, tasty and will provide the backdrop for a fantastic evening.

Just add candlelight and Barry White.

Cocktails to start? Rude not to.

Try Arden’s Perfect Pomegranate Cocktail. Aperol, Cava and mix with lime, serve with Arden’s Cream Cheese and Chive Melts. It’s a livener!

Coconut and Coriander Prawns – halve the ingredients here and serve as a starter with lemon wedges and Arden’s Goats Cheese and Black Pepper Bites.

Winter warming Cassoulet – baby, its cold outside. This bubbling chicken & sausage cassoulet is a rich and tasty dish that will melt any frosty occasion. Serve with Arden’s Pesto Bakes.

Then to finish? How about some Petites All Butter Hearts served with fresh raspberries and ice cream…. That’s if you make it to dessert of course!

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